Elvis Is Back – works in progress

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Elvis At The Piano

More info on this one here:


1 EATP front

2 EATP Booklet

3 EATP Tracks 1

4 EATP Tracks 2

5 EATP notes 1

6 EATP notes 2

7 EATP notes 3

8 EATP disc tray

9 EATP Back

10 EATP label

More Indie Nights

Some posters from past ‘Indie Nights’. Always fun to do and I get to DJ too!

Hello Quo!

Time for some shameless self promotion. I’m reliably informed that Francis Rossi will be on Later with Jools Holland tonight to discuss the forthcoming movie “Hello Quo”, and the film poster, DVD cover etc. was designed by yours truly, so look out for my artwork folks!


A little update to this post. Now that the film is out, and the final artwork has been approved, I thought it might be of interest to some people to see the ‘works in progress’. More images below:

The Big Audio Dynamite Sound System

There are a number of CDR’s circulating featuring excellent DJ sets from the Big Audio Dynamite Sound System. The ones I know of are not dated, although I would guess that they are circa ’97, and as it would take someone with a vast knowledge of dance music to come up with an accurate track listing for these discs I have kept these designs generic…so one size fits all folks!

Thanks to El Blanco Dread for the scans of original flyers etc. which gave me the inspiration for the designs.

Joy Division – A Recycle Sampler

I would like to dedicate these designs to my late friend, Anthony Edmundson. Anthony was a massive Joy Division & New Order fan, and I know he would have enjoyed this compilation, and the discussions that would undoubtedly follow in the local pub.

The compilation was not my idea, but I was inspired to produce the artwork after reading this excellent blog:


Kind credits and courtesy to ‘the power of independent trucking’, and thank you so much for the informative blog on one of the truly great bands.

These are for you Tony:


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