Live at the Sala Jacara, Madrid 14.07.1987

Planet B@D

The great thing about the B.A.D. community is the spirit that exists within it. People have always been happy to share and help each other out, so when Indieground asked for someone to design cover artwork for a newly discovered source tape of this concert, I was happy to help out.

The tape, from a Radio 3 broadcast, is from the archive of a fan called Alf from Spain, the audio restoration was carried out by Indieground in France, and I designed the artwork in the UK, so as far as us B.A.D. fans are concerned the European Community is still going strong.

The audio and cover artwork is available to download here:  Beatboxes at Dawn!…

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The Man Who Sold The World

Originally released in 1970, David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ has been issued in at least three different cover designs. Purists would probably choose the 1970 UK Mercury original pressing as the best of the bunch, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the later RCA re-issue, which cashed in on the success of ‘Ziggy Stardust’ with two black and white shots from the same era.

Recently, I came across some colour photographs of David in the same outfit, and decided to make an alternate version of the RCA design in colour. Upon completing the design, I switched back to black and  white, and couldn’t decide which one I actually preferred, so I have decided to present both of them and let you decide for yourselves.

David Bowie 1947 – 2016

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Rock On!

A few weeks ago I was asked to produce artwork for a forthcoming David Essex project.

A preview of the final artwork, albeit in reduced quality, (for obvious reasons) is below.


This was fun to do, and brought back childhood memories of watching Top of the Pops back in the mid ’70’s. If you haven’t seen the films “That’ll Be The Day” & “Stardust” either, they are well worth checking out.

Rebel Designs Presents – The Memphis Sessions, 1969

cover copy

This project started last October, with the idea to create an alternative cover for Elvis’ classic 1969 release “From Elvis In Memphis”. As is normally the case, with input and ideas from other fans the project soon grew, and before long there were multiple designs for both “From Elvis In Memphis” and its follow up album “Back In Memphis” in progress as the months passed.

I will be putting the individual covers up for download in the coming weeks, but firstly I wanted to present them in a portfolio, with a little background information on how the project evolved, and how this was influenced by the decisions RCA made with Elvis’ album releases back in the 1969 – 70 period.

Hope you enjoy the designs and the story behind them. David Parker / Rebel Designs.

PDF download:

FEIM Portfolio

The Mighty Wah! – Part 2

In celebration of getting my tickets to the Oswaldtwistle gig in November, here’s another Wah design: